About Us


A note from Mr. Simmons, an old Den Leader:

Cub Scouts are great - here's things the boys will learn

1.  Character Development

2.  Spiritual Growth

3.  Good Citizenship

4.  Sportsmanship and Fitness

5.  Family Understanding

6.  Respectful Relationships

7.  Personal Achievement

8. Friendly Service

9.  Fun and Adventure

10.  Preparation for Boy Scouts, where the fun really gets going!

Here's my pitch for Cub Scouts:  What is your kid doing now? Sports? Arts?  Now sports and the arts are fine and all - but they only cover about half of these points I listed above....Plus, most parents just drop their kids off at their practice and then sit and jump on their phone.  Is that really having fun and connecting with your kids?  Not too much, I'm afraid.  There's only a short period of time where your kids in your kids life where they really think you're cool, and then they become teenagers, and then it's all over and somehow you're not cool ever again until they're 30 or so.  So, you have a brief window of time parents----enjoy this time as much as you can!  

We have den meetings twice a month and a pack meeting on the last Fridays of the month.  Then we have adventures mixed in too - usually on Sunday afternoons....  It's not too demanding on families time

Here's some fun things we do:  

1. Pinewood Derby (build a car and race it)

2. Camping (and fun stuff like pitching a tent, starting fires, using knives safely, tying knots, cooking)

3. Hiking (lots of little hikes nearby in Fullerton, Brea, La Habra)

4.  Fishing

5.  Archery - BB Guns

6.  Serving the community (Food Distribution, Christmas Caroling, Neighborhood Cleanups)_

7.  We ALL learn (parents, too) how to be better people.......


For more info, you can call Mr. Mike Bush, our Cubmaster at 562-922-9447